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Provider Services


HCBS-AMH services are provided by a Provider Agency (PA). The PA is responsible for ensuring that all services are available to program participants either by providing them directly or by subcontracting with other providers in the community. Each program participant will also work with a Recovery Management Entity (RM), who will collaborate with the participant to create and carry out an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP) and navigate between all points of contact involved in service provision.Services that are supported by HCBS-AMH include:


  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Have a diagnosis of a serious mental illness (SMI)
  3. Be eligible for Medicaid (150% below Federal Poverty Line). The guideline for the Federal Poverty Line is found here.
  4. Have experienced at least one of the following:
    • Resided in an in-patient long-term psychiatric hospital for 3+ years (cumulatively) within the past five years and be medicaid eligible [Long-Term Hospitalization]
    • Arrested 4+ times and experienced 2+ psychiatric crises in the past three years and be medicaid enrolled [Jail Diversion]
    • Visited the Emergency Department 15+ times and experienced 2+ psychiatric crises in the past three years and be medicaid enrolled [Emergency Department Diversion]
  5. Not currently be enrolled in another Medicaid Waiver program, such as: Long-term ServicesPlease and Supports (LTSS), Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS), Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities (DBMD), Home and Community-based Services Waiver (HCS), Texas Home Living Waiver (TxHmL), or STAR+PLUS HCBS Waiver



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